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What is Compounding?

By: Kyle T. Panter, PharmD It is a common question we get a lot at Innovative Pharmacy - “What exactly is compounding?” It’s a question we love to answer! Compounding is the art and science of combining two or more ingredients together to treat a unique problem. Our...

Does Your Pet Have a Pharmacist?

By Kyle T. Panter, PharmD Does your pet have a pharmacist? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Why does a pet need a pharmacist? The answer is simple - many pets need meds. More than that, pets need meds that are specifically formulated for their weight, anatomy,...

Innovative Pharmacy Solutions

Innovative Pharmacy Solutions was founded in 1998 by pharmacists Dave Mason and Charles Braden as a compounding-only practice. Over the years, we have expanded our services and product lines to include hormone replacement consultations, clinical nutrition, FirstLine Therapy, and a variety of health screenings. We offer a wide range of high-quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and products to promote optimal health. Our approach to wellness is a holistic one, focusing on prevention and therapeutic lifestyle, and pharmacists Dave Mason and Lisa Huggins have a broad range of knowledge in these areas.
Innovative Pharmacy Solutions
Innovative Pharmacy Solutions
Schedule a time to talk privately and discreetly with one of our pharmacists about your health concerns. From testosterone replacement to various options for erectile dysfunction we can help!
Schedule Here: https://innovativepharmacy.com/schedule-a-consultation
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Innovative Pharmacy Solutions
Innovative Pharmacy Solutions
Number 4 is vital for the early detection of major health issues.

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