By Kyle T. Panter, PharmD

Does your pet have a pharmacist? Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Why does a pet need a pharmacist? The answer is simple – many pets need meds. More than that, pets need meds that are specifically formulated for their weight, anatomy, and in a form they can easily take. Enter the compounding pharmacist.

Many commercially made pet meds do not meet the needs of their intended patients. For example, some pets will not take a tablet no matter how it is disguised. Whether wrapped in bacon or cheese, or even hidden in peanut butter, some dogs will spit out the tablet. Cats are notoriously finicky – and they have claws and teeth. Medicating them is often a hazardous job!

Sometimes, human medications have to be utilized in pets. This can be problematic as many human medications contain excipients that are toxic to pets. One example is xylitol, a sugar substitute, which is used in certain liquid medications for humans. If these medications are given to dogs it can prove fatal.

Innovative Pharmacy has a certified Veterinary Specialist compounding pharmacist on staff who is knowledgeable and trained to help your pet. From cats and dogs to exotic pets, our pharmacist can prepare a custom medication to help care for your pet. Call us today to ask our specialist about your pet!