By: Kyle T. Panter, PharmD

It is a common question we get a lot at Innovative Pharmacy – “What exactly is compounding?”

It’s a question we love to answer!

Compounding is the art and science of combining two or more ingredients together to treat a unique problem. Our four favorite words in the English language are “I have this patient…”. Whenever we hear these words from a provider, we know we are about to intervene and save the day! We know this provider is frustrated with the lack of results from commercially available medications and are willing to listen to the advice and counsel we have to offer to better their patient’s health.

There are many reason why compounding is necessary including:

  • Allergies: Many manufactured medications contain dyes and other fillers which prove harmful to many patients. Compounders can prepare a medication with the same active ingredient without the offending ingredient(s).
  • Unavailable medications: For a number of reasons, many helpful medications patients depend upon disappear from the market. This may be due to a manufacturing problem or a drug company deciding to eliminate the medication from its line of products altogether. In this cases, compounders can make the medications so that patients’ lives remain healthy and happy.
  • Synergy: Oftentimes, compounders are asked to prepare medications which combine two or more ingredients because they achieve better or faster results. This helps save patients time and money during their course of therapy.
  • Pets: Pets need special doses, dosage forms, and flavors to help make the medication process easier and more consistent. Non-compliance, the inability to medicate a pet, is the leading cause of therapeutic failure in veterinary medicine. Compounders can solve this problem.
  • Kids: From newborns to toddlers, children need medications available in the proper dose based upon their body weight. Drug manufacturers do not make medicine for wee ones, but compounders can. Moreover, compounders can make medicines in great tasting flavors or in other dosage forms, like transdermal creams, to help make the medicating process a success. Kids with special needs, such as autism, can greatly benefit from the expertise of a good compounding pharmacist.

Innovative Pharmacy has been compounding in Edmond for over 22 years. We specialize in helping patients get the results they want with unique preparations that meet their needs. Contact one of our pharmacists today to learn more about how we can help your family!