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Natural Support for Healthy Veins and Microcirculation
FloVein contains the world’s #1 prescription ingredient for circulation! Tired, Heavy Legs? Edema? Lymphedema? Varicose Veins? Hemorrhoids? IF YOU LIVED IN EUROPE, YOU’D BE ON THIS ALREADY!!! -Supports Veins, Capillaries, and Circulation -Helps Promote Normal Lymphatic Drainage -Supports Antioxidant Activity and the Body’s Normal Response to Inflammation -Supports Blood Glucose Levels Already Within the Normal Range Comprehensive Vascular & Lymphatic Support contains well-researched, citrus-based flavonoids in a unique micronized form for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Research suggests that these compounds support healthy veins, capillaries, and blood flow; promote healthy lymphatic drainage; and enhance antioxidant activity and the body’s normal response to inflammation. More recent research supports a role for the components of Comprehensive Vascular & Lymphatic Support in maintaining blood glucose levels already within the normal range and, as a result, healthy kidney structure and function.