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Joint FX helps inhibit the body’s inflammatory hormones, aid in cartilage regeneration, improves blood supply to joint tissues and helps get rid of scar tissue and damaged or dead tissue.
Joint-FX capsules include four herbs which decrease inflammation in the body: -Feverfew: inhibits the body’s inflammatory hormones -Boswellia Serratta (frankincense): inhibits inflammatory hormones, aids in cartilage regeneration and improves blood supply to joint tissues. -Bromelain: inhibits inflammatory hormones, helps rid the body of scar tissue and dead and damaged tissue. -White Willlow Bark: a small amount of ‘natural aspirin’ for pain and inflammation. Joint-FX also includes glucosamine and chondroitin, which have been used together to regenerate cartilage and improve the ‘shock-absorption’ needed in our joints.