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Supports Total Bone Health and Strength
“Ossentia provides three components 1. Cold processed whole bone extract, commercially known in Europe as Ossopan. -delivers a complete complement of minerals, as well as collagen, growth factors -is digestable! Since it didn’t come from the earth or a drum (like most Calciums out there) -won’t cause gas or constipationi -on it’s own has been shown to halt and reverse bone loss! 2. Vitamin D3, 4000U. Proven to enhance the absorption of calcium and strengthen bones 3. Stabilized silica, shown to INCREASE COLLAGEN FORMATION! More collagen means more places for the minerals to STICK! More binding sites!” DESCRIPTION Calcium is vital to bone health and strength. However, calcium, as well as all bone minerals, must bind to core posts inside the bone. These flexible posts are made from collagen. With age-related loss of collagen, there become fewer and fewer of these bone-calcium binding sites, resulting in a reduction in bone mineral density. What’s more, the loss of bone collagen diminishes bone flexibility, resulting in a greater risk of fracture. OssaMaxTM contains patented, clinically-tested, choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA). Ch-OSA links together single chains of amino acids to form collagen strands. The collagen strands create the core-post “binding sites” for calcium and other bone minerals. Oral supplementation of ch-OSA has been studied in chicks, rats, calves and humans.[1,2,3,4] In a twelve-month, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, (n=136 women; T score <1.5), a study group received 6 mg of ch-OSA along with 1000 mg calcium and 800 iu Vitamin D3, while another group received a placebo in addition to the same amounts of calcium and vitamin D3. Upon completion, the study group showed a 19% increase in serum procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide (PINP), the most sensitive bone formation marker, an overall positive trend for other bone formation markers (BAP, osteocalcin), and a 2.00% increase in BMD compared to the women taking only placebo, calcium and vitamin D3. Additionally, the ch-OSA group showed no adverse effects.[5] An earlier study demonstrated that orthosilicic acid directly stimulates collagen type 1 synthesis in human osteoblast¬like cells (bone-forming cells) and enhances osteoblastic differentiation.[6] Another OSA study demonstrated that the increase in collagen-responsible bone flexibility resulted in a greater resistance to physical stress.[7] “Bone Support”, contains OssaMax micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC), a premium, proprietary, standardized extraction from New Zealand, the country that raises one of the world’s safest, most natural sources of bone. Bone Support provides a crystalline calcium and phosphorous matrix in the ideal physiological ratio of 2:1. Bone Support delivers bioactive growth factors and type I collagen, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans and a broad range of essential trace elements. During four decades of scientific research on Bone Support, numerous studies document the reversal of bone loss at therapeutic levels of supplementation.[8,9,10,11] Vitamin D in Ossentia is provided as cholecalciferol, the form in which the vitamin is derived from cholesterol in the body and synthesized by sunlight on the skin. Vitamin D is needed to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphate needed for normal bone metabolism. The active form of vitamin D regulates gene transcriptors that code for calcium-transporting and bone matrix proteins.