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Women's Health

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

Is this right for me?

How can I know which hormones are deficient? Our pharmacists can answer these questions and more. They can even help you decipher your lab results and how they correlate with the symptoms you may be experiencing. We look forward to helping you!

Men's Health

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

What can help?

Schedule a time to talk privately and discreetly with one of our pharmacists about your health concerns. From testosterone replacement to various options for erectile dysfunction we can help!

Sleep Health

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

Get better sleep!

Are you experiencing trouble sleeping most nights? Meet with one of our pharmacists to learn what might help improve your sleep, including many natural, non-prescription options.

Stress Health

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

What to do?

Did you know zebras do not get ulcers? Life is full of stressors which can negatively impact your health. Symptoms of stress-induced illness may include: fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, digestive issues and more. Talk with one of our pharmacists to learn how you can better manage your stressors and learn why zebras do not get ulcers.

Gut Health

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

Feeling better, quicker

There are so many different supplements out there for improving your gut health - but which one is right for you? Talk with one of our pharmacists to determine which product(s) may make the most impact in your gut health. As the old saying goes, "if the gut is healthy, the body is sure to be too."

Circulatory Health Evaluation

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

Your veins matter!

99% of your body's circulatory highway is comprised of capillaries. However, most modern efforts ignore the health of this vital system. Using the state-of-the- art GlycoCheck system we can assess the health of your capilllaries & monitor their progress over time.

Everything Else

15 - 60 Minutes

$30 - $120

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Just because what you may need isn't listed here, doesn't mean we can't help you. Whatever it may be, we can consult and get you feeling better than ever. Whether stress or sleep, we can help.

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